CKC Long Hair Red Male

Pet Name: CKC Long Hair Red Male Miniature Dachshund

  • Price: $1,100
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7 weeks
  • Status: No longer available
  • Neutered: No
  • Breed: CKC Miniature Dachshund
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Size: 10-12 lbs. at maturity

CKC Long Hair Red Male

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About CKC Miniature Dachshund Males –male vs female dachshund

  • Friendly to other dogs

  • Miniature dachshunds in Louisiana

  • Good for Apartments

  • Friendly with Kids

  • Great companion

  • Dachshund dog breed

What Are Male Dachshunds Like?
This is what male Dachshunds are like:

  1. Male Dachshunds are more snuggly
  2. Male miniature dachshund for sale (he is!)
  3. Male Dachshunds are more welcoming of strangers and may even give them a cuddle!
  4. Male Dachshunds stay puppy-like all their lives
  5. Male Dachshunds ADORE attention and will happily let you fuss over them for ages
  6. Male Dachshunds can be very demanding of your attention!
  7. Male Dachshunds are very loyal to their humans (this is lovely but you need to train them not to be over-protective of you, as this is where behavioural issues come into play)
  8. Male Dachshunds are more fun-loving and LOVE playtime
  9. Male Dachshunds are great at being silly and clownish
  10. Male Dachshunds are very outgoing and more open to new people
  11. Male Dachshunds are consistent in their moods
  12. Male Dachshunds tend to become more attached to their humans
  13. Can be transported to California
  14. Male miniature dachshund weight is approximately 9-13 lbs.
  15. Males are said to bond quicker with children
  16. Male Dachshunds are very food-oriented (which makes training all the easier!)
  17. Male Dachshunds are more likely to mark their territory by leaving a scent (pee!) on objects inside your home. Normally on things like walls, furniture or curtains.
  18. Male Dachshunds love to please you, especially when they get lots of praise for it (again, perfect for training!)
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