Puppy Agreement

The Fine Print

The full details of what you should expect from the adoption process.

Before You Get Your Puppy

We do take a waiting list (first come/first serve) for those interested in a puppy of certain type before a litter arrives. We also accept deposits on puppies you’re seeking.  We’ll email or call you when the puppies have arrived, as well as update our website with pictures every two weeks or so. We also can email pictures to you personally.

In order to place a hold on a pup of your choosing, we require a $100 (short hair) or $200 (long hair) non-refundable deposit.  Prices range from $950 on up for smooth coat black/tan and reds, $1,000 on up for smooth dilutes (blue or isabella) or chocolates and $1,200 – $1,800 on the long hair creams.

I need to speak to  you personally if you’re seriously interested in one of our pups.  Do not send in a deposit without speaking to me personally first.  We do offer a payment plan, but the pup must be paid in FULL by 8-9 weeks of age.  We cannot guarantee the pup you’re wanting will be held until a deposit is received on the pup.
Refunds for deposits are given in case something happens to the pup while in our care.

We DO NOT take checks when picking up your pup, no exceptions. The pup will not go home with you if a check is offered.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our pups are sold as pet only. We reserve the right to not sell a pup to anyone for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.


I do offer flight nanny services on occassion. I will personally fly with your puppy to you. My transport fee is $400 – $600 – depending on where I have to meet you. You would be responsible to pay the airfare. A pup over 12 weeks of age needs a rabies vaccination before flying. Our pups do not leave our care until they’re at least 8-9 weeks of age and sometimes longer if we feel the pup is not ready to leave yet. We do require a signing of a contract for the buyer, seller’s, and puppy’s protection.


Communicable diseases (which the pup can easily get in the buyer’s care) are not covered in this contract.

Mini Weenie Dogs will always take back any dog or pup we have sold at any time for any reason if the owner is not able to provide it with a loving home.  We will find a good home for it or it will stay here permanently.




We offer a 2 year health guarantee to all our customers who give their puppies NuVet Plus vitamins for the first year. Your puppy will go home with a sample of NuVets vitamins, but please have your Nuvet Plus vitamins ready at home.

You can also order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code 12027. You can also save an additional 15% and ensure you never run out by choosing the “AutoShip” option.
Visit the NuVet website




We now offer micro-chipping on all all our puppies through Buddy ID. The microchip is free, but registration of the microchip is the new owner’s responsibility.
Visit the BuddyID website

Shiny Dachshund Coat

miniweeniedogs shinycoat

miniweeniedogs shinycoat

Follow these steps to keep your new puppy’s coat in perfect condition.

  1. Don’t feed your puppy anything that contains corn or corn filler, as it may cause a condition called alopecia.
  2. Find a dog food that has the following oils in the first 12 ingredients: sunflower oil, salmon oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil.
  3. If you notice a problem with the coat, combine emu oil and shampoo in a spray bottle.  Gently spray your puppy, and it will soak into their skin and coat and give it the moisture they need.

Buy Kenic Emo Oil here

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