CKC Shaded Red long hair female

Female CKC Miniature Dachshund long hair female

  • Name: Female
  • Gender: Female
  • Price: $1,100
  • Status: No longer available
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Vaccinated: Not yet
  • Maturity size: 9-10 lbs.

About CKC Miniature Dachshund Females

  • Friendly to other dogs
  • Located in Louisiana
  • Good for Apartments
  • Friendly with Kids
  • Great companion

What Are Female Dachshunds Like?

This is what female Dachshunds are like:

  1. Female Dachshunds love attention too, but want it on their terms and will move away when they’ve had enough (not like males who just want MORE all the time!)
  2. Female Dachshunds like fussing in smaller doses
  3. Female Dachshunds mature faster than male Dachshunds (males are just big puppies forever)
  4. Female Dachshunds are more independent and reserved than males. This can make them seem aloof or standoffish (but really it’s just their way and doesn’t mean they’re not affectionate!)
  5. Female Dachshunds are very task-oriented. This means they seem to be more focused when you’re training them, but don’t seem to get so much enjoyment from it as males
  6. Female Dachshunds seem to be more territorial and wary of strangers
  7. Female Dachshunds like to be in control and may get sulky if they don’t get their own way (you’ll know because she’ll give you the silent treatment and the side eye!)
  8. Female Dachshunds are definitely more prone to mood swings – she’s absolutely lovely when she’s in a good mood, but may get a bit grumpy if she’s in a bad mood
  9. Female Dachshunds are known to be a bit wily when it comes to getting their own way
  10. Female Dachshunds are happy to sleep a lot during the day
  11. Female Dachshunds are more prone to gaining weight, especially after being spayed (although both males and females are prone to obesity)

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