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Dachshund Puppy

Are you ready for a loveable miniature dachshund puppy?

Dachshund Puppies in Louisiana should be here Spring 2024!  Here are some of those expecting.

Complete the following steps:

Our quality miniature dachshund puppies are a great addition to your family.  To ensure you get the puppy of your dreams, get on our waiting list now.  If you need to contact me, do so here.  We do require a $200 deposit to reserve your spot on the list.  That deposit will then go toward the purchase price of your puppy when you pick it up at 8 weeks old.  The order they are picked will be determined by the date the deposit is received.  Not familiar with a dachshund.  Read more here.

  1. Complete this form from my website.
  2. The form will come to me and I will contact you personally about how you would like to pay the non-refundable deposit. If you don’t hear from me, please reach out to me.  Sometimes your request ends up in my spam box.
  3. Once we have received your deposit, we will add your name to the waitlist.  You will be contacted upon confirmation  that our dam is expecting and again once the litter has been safely delivered.
  4. Before the puppies are 2-3 weeks old you will need to decide if you would like a puppy from that litter and if so then which puppy you want.  You will not need to pay another deposit. Puppies will be chosen by order of the names on the Reservation List.  The order is determined by the date when your deposit is received.
  5. If you decide you want a puppy with a coat, color or gender that is unavailable we will move your name to the waitlist for the next litter until you find the puppy that you are completely happy with.
  6. All puppies are placed as “pet only”.

Miniature Dachshund Puppy
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