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*We only feed high quality dachshund food.  Learn more about a dachshund diet.
*We only breed top quality miniature dachshunds.
*All of my dachshunds are genetically tested.
*We are breeders of quality miniature Dachshunds in all coat types (long and smooth) and in an array of colors (dapples, English Creams, isabella, solid black, chocolates, black & tans, and reds.)
*We strictly adhere to the AKC standards for the breed and choose to breed only the best in conformation,
temperament and intelligence.
*All our miniature dachshund puppies raised in a home environment.
* All puppies receive an extensive health check and receive their first set of shots from a licensed veterinarian,
* Routinely wormed every two weeks
* Extensively socialized with adults and children
* All puppies come with a one year guarantee to be free from any life-threatening genetic health defects.
*Microchip is available upon request

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We have raised Miniature Dachshund puppies for 25 years, and as an experienced breeder, We strive to produce beautiful, healthy, and loving puppies that become cherished pets for families all over the United States and Canada.

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